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Environmental Impact Assessment (DTM)

Environmental Impact Assessment (abbreviated as EIA) is the ability to assess the positive impact / negative impact of an investment project proposed in relation to the environment between natural aspects, economic and social.

The purpose of this review to ensure that the decision makers are interested in the impact of the project on the environment when deciding to implement such projects.  International Organization for Environmental Impact Assessment (IAIA) provide a definition of the environmental impact assessment, including work as “identifying, predicting, evaluating and mitigating the effects of development project to biological factors, social and other relevant factors before making important decisions and make the commitment. “

With a team of master, environmental engineer experienced in the field of impact assessment report written commitment to the environment and environmental protection, graduated from the University of Technology, University of Engineering Technology University of natural Sciences, … and in the method scientifically evaluated and tested like guesswork approach, rapid assessment methods, research methods analyze the physical environment (water, air), the statistical method, comparative method, … Ensol  Company will provide reliable assessments as a basis for consultancy on measures to reduce environmental pollution both during construction and operation of the project.

Who have to have the Environmental Impact Assessment?

The manufacturing enterprises, trade in services, industrial parks, residential areas, urban areas, factories, hospitals, hotels, factories, workshops, …

How to make the Commitment to environmental protection?

- Survey geography , geology , meteorology , hydrology
– Investigate , survey and collect data on natural conditions , environment , socio – economic
– Collect water samples , air samples , soil samples at the project site and laboratory analysis .
– Identify the elements of microclimate in the project area.
– Assessing the environmental status of the project area.
– Identify sources of pollution such project waste gas , waste water , solid waste , noise , identify the types of waste generated during construction and operation of the project by the method of system Statistics , analysis , gathering , rapid assessment .
– Assessing the impact, the impact of pollution sources on factors including natural resources, environment, society , people around the project area .
– Develop measures to reduce environmental pollution for the construction phase of the project.
– Develop measures to reduce pollution, environmental management plans for the operation and prevention of environmental incidents.
– Proposed plans for sewage treatment, air exhaust, plans to collect and treat solid waste from the operation of the project .
– Consult People’s Committee and Fatherland Front Committee where project implementation .
– Develop environmental monitoring program.

- Prepare appraisal committee and approved the report.

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