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Commitment to Environmental Protection

Commitment to environmental protection is legally binding documents between enterprise responsibilities with the State management agency environment. Base on the Commitment to environmental protection, the impact on resources environmental assessment of the project details. Then the enterprise will propose the appropriate measures to protect the environment.

Who have to make a Commitment to protect the environment?

• The projects have generated waste production.
• The projects proposed renovation, expansion, upgrading and increasing the capacity of the production facilities. Business and service has been active registration confirmation is committed to protecting the environment.
• Projects that are relocated of implementation;
• Projects is not implemented within twenty four (24) months from the date of the commitment to environmental protection register

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How to make the Commitment to environmental protection?

• Survey geography, geology, air, noise
• Investigate, survey and collect data on natural conditions, environmental, economic and social.
• Evaluation of the project area environment.
• Identify the sources of pollution of projects such as hazardous waste, air exhaust , wastewater , noise , identify the types of waste generated during construction and operation of the project by the method statistical analysis , data collection, rapid assessment .
• Evaluate the impact of the pollution source on factors including natural resources, environment, society, and people around the project area.
• Proposed mitigation options, wastewater treatment, air exhaust treatment , plans to collect and treat solid waste from the operation of the project .
• Develop environmental monitoring program.

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