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Environmental protection Projects

What is the Environmental Protection Project?

Environmental Protection Project is a legal process that businesses must follow rules established by law. During operation, if the business does not have a certificate of environmental standards or paper is committed to protecting the environment or the decision to approve the evaluation report of environmental impact (DTM) depends on the size, these businesses must have environmental protection project in detail or environmental protection project in simple.


Why must have environmental protection project?

The environmental protection project set up is to follow and protect the environment around the project area . At the same time assessing the extent of the impact of pollution sources on the environment for each business helps prevent the pollution problem.

Since then, the Company have the measures to reduce pollution and take measures appropriate processing environment.

Who have to have environmental protection project?

Enterprises manufacturing , commercial services , industrial parks , residential areas , urban areas , factories , hospitals , hotels, factories , workshops , … has operated without the approval of reports on environmental impact assessment or certification of registration of environmental standards .

There are 02 kinds of Environmental protection project.

• Environmental Protection Project in details: the specific provisions of Article 3, Chapter 2 Circular No. 01/2012/TT-BTNMT. 02 dated 16 May 2012.
• Environmental Protection Project in simple: to be specified in Article 15 of Chapter 2 Circular No. 01/2012/TT-BTNMT dated 16 May 2012.


 How to make the Environmental Protection Project?

- Survey and data collection on the state of the Company’s operations.
– Survey and data collection on the state of the environment around the project area.
– Survey natural conditions, socio-economic conditions related to the Company’s operations.
– Identify sources of pollution such project: air exhaust, waste water, solid waste, noise, identify the types of waste generated during operation of the project .
– Take samples of air exhaust, air samples in air discharge sources and projects around campus, and then analyzed in the laboratory .
– Assessing the impact of pollution sources to the elements and environmental resources.
– List and evaluate the overall solution, and works to protect the environment are made.
– Develop measures to reduce pollution and prevention of environmental incidents for the remaining items.
– Proposed plans for wastewater treatment, air exhaust treatment, plans to collect and treat solid waste from the operation of the project.
– Develop environmental monitoring program.
– Drafting of documents and records, approving the scheme proposed
– Establishment of the inspection team about the actual environmental protection at companies
– Evaluating and approving decision.

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